Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Listen between the apparitions betweens two horses (2 poems and 2 drawings)

Lookin out upon the open pasture

Lacquered shine of yer

          I leT ghosT dogs out
To chase childhoods

    Because you know
HistorY is epilepsY in suspension

Please put the skin
        Back upon
          Quivering red meat
Please slide meat
                   Backs upon bones

Black drink

Rustles the after
we go deer lightly
Sunlight icicles drip drop
orange morn sun

Sadness of shapes ruling rubbish

Whose turn to burrow in the hollow with
Groundhog neath a dying oak tree?

Over the country side

    Deliverance was not there.

We drink fiery waking blacking.

We drink the black drink.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

LosT booK of the LosT (excerption) appendix blueprints partially found

These may have been found inside a cracked mason jar upon a rowboat floating abandoned in the Potomac and taking rain to the weary frame.

The spiriTs are the ghosTs that are aT waR with your language.  EverYone's personal language.

You shall noT be spared eveN if you suffereD the dire gifT of learning the alphabeT in a coffin.

All works on paper with black ink and oil pastels.  All work by Matthew pony payroll bones. 


Thursday, August 24, 2017

A LosT booK of thE LosT (an excerpT)

A LoST booK of tHe LoSt

a book of images that devours the word only partially.  Or is the word destructing the images?   Explorations into the unknowns.   Various years.  The book considers its own order of narratives.  GhosTs.   I am not the alpha or the omega.  I am the ghost soul.

Shall a pilgrim make any progress?   Was it worth it?

SOme of these images may have been previously posted in lesser quality. 

Pissing OveR thA MooNbeam (s) (with Kevin Bedford Huey shiTTY )


Unfinished novella in theory that was to engage in collaboration with Kevin Bedford Huey.  The manuscript has wine damage.

FOR STEVE VON CHE.  A POET and Coarse CUrmudgeon 

Three Collaborations with Jenny Moon Tucker

THree COLLaboraTIvEs 

                  with jenNY mOOn TucKeR

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Solstice Ritual 2017: Burning

RItual Burnings

Burning is a very clarified way of letting go.  Nothing opaque here.

One should burn "things" on certain power calendar dates for cleansing and good motive for the futures. 

The painting on canvass in the foreground was a duality painting of conflict.  The work became an obstruction to this soul.  Burning allowed an opaque cleansing.  One sends something over through the veil....to the spirits.

Between the canvases was a bag containing hair clippings, clothes, usurped writings etc....

I used five polaroid film shots.  The rest is from the cell phone.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Collaborative works on paper with Jenny Moon Tucker

Past and recent collaborative works on paper with Jenny Moon Tucker

                                                               Prehistorical Horse

                                                           Demon with Barbed Halo

                                                                numerology DusK

                                                         black of the dark ritual

                                                                   a ghosT fLoaTs

                                              nervous systematic boNEs ouT