Thursday, August 16, 2012

Speculations/Notes Mid August

Inebriation through the mysteries.

The gyration. The gyre.  The copulation.---between figurative and complete abstraction.  You are the abyss.  The abyss is a bridge.

Where does possession begin and end.  I am talking about spirits and ghosts.

Return to animals.

Superimposition of energies. Wavering of lines

Medicinal.  The pursuit of the medicinal.

Orphism as in Orpheus.

The stimulation of the gesture.

Gesture as similar to a dowsing rod.

The creation process exists as a continuation of constant coup.

One returns to the common place as if one’s hands have been severed.  Open the mouth and the tongue has been severed.

One must submerge in the water.

Art is like shoveling shit.
Art takes hostage the individual, be it creator, viewer, and/or participant, into the human mysteries and the non human mysteries.

I want to understand the colors of words again.

I restate the past in the continuing passage of history.

A dog’s bark is stolen by the wind.

To interpret future history, To interpret any history, yet at different convergences and conjectures.

I am swallowing the river and the river is swallowing me.

All of my work is mystical anatomy.

Art as medicinal to alleviate the tenacity of the tedious.

All art Refracts.

Art is the grinding of sex organs.

Art is the completeness of unfinished unfinishing.

Nerves laced to the bone.

most work is for sale.