Sunday, July 20, 2014

Painted drawings Late May-June 2014 Part ONE

Late May-June 2014 Drawn Paintings Part ONE

 Drawings from Late May thru June 2014.  Some of these are collaborations with Jenny Moon Tucker and/or Francis Zander.   Oil Pastel, Oil Paint, Acrylic, Pen.   Larger works were collaborated on during this time period also.  In the soon future I will post these (and in general larger works besides these drawings also).  Most may or may not be untitled.  If you have questions or are interested, have questions or are interested in acquiring something please holler.  Mythos Collective converges with the personal.  The Formless and the form.  Energy Dormant.  Energy Active.

                                    M Pony with Jenny Moon Tucker

                                             M Pony With Jenny Moon Tucker

                                                                  M Pony

                                                                    M Pony

                                                                M Pony

                                                              M Pony

                                                                M Pony

                                      M Pony/Francis Zander/Jenny Moon Tucker

                                                                        M Pony

                                                               M Pony/Jenny Moon Tucker

Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th, 2014 NOTES

                       Image from a larger work on paper by Francis Zander, Jenny Moon Tucker
                        and M Pony Payroll Bones.  Late May/Early June 2014

Below are notes, poetics, aphorisms, bits of folklore, observations, fragments, lyrical lines etc taken from handwritten jottings in a notebook on Saturday July 19th, 2014.  The formless formed.  Something may or may not occur with these notes.  Something already has these are notes. Yes, the formless formed.  Raw, nonlinear, associative, honest ramblings-----

JUly 19th Notes, 2014................

--the problem of mechanisms

-----thee problems of

One forgets what the original definition of machine is.

Outdated cultural metaphors chutz it up.  The stand up comedy in purgatory is NOT FUNNY.

barking dogs, motorcycles Revving---Recognition of barely freedom those dirt bike rider kids?

There's a pig in the alley trying to sell me bacon.

squallin Cat. 

Autumn breeze made
a summer tooth loosE

The old clubhouse down the dirt road winding hills...where the local folks would have dances.

The pistol shot
a hole in the banjer
and tha player was not struck
yet took time to feel conviction of this.

One truly understands music if one is put in danger by music in any context.

Hen waller

Breakin tha Cow's

Pissin inside
tha covered bridge
upon midnight


bloody them shoes

Lame donkey dances in the rain

The stranger had
lost his way and
everyone wasz a
stranger and they did not know
so  (they did not KNow they were also strangers.)  The stranger
KneW he wasz a strangeR.

TheY forced me
to be right handed,
                        I suspect

--I'm still from the devil.  I am left

don't trust a woman
            who hides behind a

don't trust a man
who hides behind
a woman

singing usta be as natural as
            breathing---100 yeaRs
            (and where did this happen you might ask?)

some evil tooK over this countrY--don't
want people ta sing
--         --singing keeps things

fiddle and banjo
come from the devil

THe name of thA
composer was long
f o R G o T T E N

An old insult "HE stood behind the door too long."

Horse apple

Quaker bottom Road

Hamlin's Wizard Oil

William S. Hays wrote "Little Log Cabin in the Lane."
            THis was the first country hit played and sung by
Fiddlin John Carson  ---1923--Old ATL Moonshiner, Patriarch, Roustabout and timeless man of his day.  He knew obligations.  Good bad.  THe burning crimson evening
descendeth over tha PiedmonT.

"Things have changed their
course another way."

an old insult "He didn't know enough to throw rocks at

"Nostalgia ain't what it used to be."

Grandmother's dream

He got drunk
and tried to stab tha
river to death.
The river drowned him.

"I had a little chicken/she had a wooden leg."

"If you need a helping hand you'll find it at
the end of your arm."

Below are five
 examples of Pioneer/Appalachian Slang

Jimber Jawed

Cooter around


hillside fish

obsquatulate--(to mosey or to abscond)) 


squirrel draggeR

--rabbit  bomPer

saLacious winds of
ghost tongues--

Conviction or Caprice?

Interrogations proliferated
yet no resolution
            ---that itself is
the resolution- - -

Babble goes the babbling animal(s)

A soul in de
            SKELETONIZED with de BONES REARRANGED with CrueLTY

A whistling Crow
and a belching Hen
Death cups accompany
and offers offers
from a burlap sack
            O SiN.

      Image from a larger work on paper by Francis Zander, Jenny Moon Tucker

                        and M Pony Payroll Bones.  Late May/Early June 2014