Thursday, August 24, 2017

A LosT booK of thE LosT (an excerpT)

A LoST booK of tHe LoSt

a book of images that devours the word only partially.  Or is the word destructing the images?   Explorations into the unknowns.   Various years.  The book considers its own order of narratives.  GhosTs.   I am not the alpha or the omega.  I am the ghost soul.

Shall a pilgrim make any progress?   Was it worth it?

SOme of these images may have been previously posted in lesser quality. 

Pissing OveR thA MooNbeam (s) (with Kevin Bedford Huey shiTTY )


Unfinished novella in theory that was to engage in collaboration with Kevin Bedford Huey.  The manuscript has wine damage.

FOR STEVE VON CHE.  A POET and Coarse CUrmudgeon 

Three Collaborations with Jenny Moon Tucker

THree COLLaboraTIvEs 

                  with jenNY mOOn TucKeR