Monday, May 28, 2012

Aphorisms Splinters and Speculations


Aphorism splinters and speculations    May 23rd-May28th                                

Art is the evidence of investigation

Art is the experience of investigation

Art is the anti-diversion.  Art is the confrontation.   Art is mutilation that unshackles the ghost soul problem.

 Method is content--Method/content and content/method equate each other/

All art is a description in action.  Art is the experience of immediately experiencing description.A work’s most important essence is the work’s very existence===---so called meanings, intentions, interpretations, praise, condemnation,, social significance, functional usages and other vainity and or vainly sought never resolved critical investigations belongs to archaeology.   The present is future time travel.

Any work has limitation and all work at some moment(s) shall denounce itself.

Recently, inklings of faded ambition have conspired me into action.  I have been adding images of works that have been destroyed eradicated punished or simply have disappeared.  This is a tedious process.

1997 wood board acrylic and oil house paint  newspaper---This was either burned or thrown on the side of the road. I made this one while still in high school.     I have destroyed hundreds of paintings, mostly intentional.

I intend to start putting some music related stuff and new book stuff drafts Duskhouse to Duskhouse in the near future, sequel to my first chapbook Spiritual Convergences at the Etowah River.

If interested in acquiring any artwork or any Pony Bones music please feel free to contact.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fragmentations Speculations and chasing the ghost

FRAgments and speculations: Selections from January -May 2012

To draw without willed negotiation or the linear preservation concerning navigation
        To get lost on lost roads
Till the lost crossroads is
Discovered in rediscovery
        Archaeological Athletics  

One must wield sharp teeth, to make ghosts bleed both benign benevolent malignant malevolence.

The artist’s physical body as well as the  aura/ghost/soul of the artist act as a biological/spiritual alchemical process concerning the gift.  The gift is an obligation.  You will be destroyed either way.  Accepting the gift will give one a more honorable death as well as a richer living experience.

                                              A work of art follows a sphere of expression.