Tuesday, August 16, 2016

4 drawings and three 3 poems about the nervous system Mid August 2016


Are the ghosts clothed?
    Most ghosts are clothed.
Punished for the entire afterlife
       .....to wear Clothes

Yellow Summer 

Things are loose

       quivering slime in two
left hands

       Thar is no Good

        dark yellow fields this awful
        Sex with ghosts.

Not enough sedatives

        You are having a
fit.   A nervous system fit.
          Your own nervous system
confusing the radiation 
that belongs 
to other nervous systems.

       Who is hindering your hiding?
                 in the briars

        THis in the plain open field.  PLain sight.
                 where sun beams go hammering
into flesh skin  
           till nauseating
sweeping sickness.....
           Oh yes
a purpose to
                     there is no good.


Iron grate city sky...gruesome nostalgia.  The purpose of purposes...birds imitate bird calls.

Nerve endings begin outside the body.

His diagnosis was severe he had no bones.