Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drawings/Paintings June-September 2014

                                              collaboration with Jenny Moon Tucker

                                          collaboration with Jenny Moon Tucker

A Trickster Story (feather blues) 20 1/2 x 26 inches oil paint on cardboard June 2014

 details below

all work is for barter/sale

Saturday, September 27, 2014


                                 SIX WATERFALLS

Six Studies of Waterfalls based off Polaroids taken in the mid 2000s down South.  Summer of 2014.  These later lead to two larger works to be posted later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lakota Ghost (Summer 2014 Collaboration with Francis Zaander)

                                       Lakota Ghost


 18x24 oil paint, oil pastel, acrylic on Canvas autumn 2012-summer 2014  collaboration with Francis Zaander


All work is available to acquire.

Blood Moon (Oil on Canvas June 2014)

                                           Blood Moon

A so-called blood moon occured over the summer of 2014.  Follow below to see details.  Ghost birds always seem to get in.

                                                                16x20  Oil on Canvas






Friday, August 22, 2014

Two Summer Poems

Two Drafts of Summer Poems

Dog days Whining

Coldy summer sweat--

crimson curtain billows==

and if the air shattered
and the glass was not replaced--

Bones outlast the meat

ask the chicken bones the rats drag off
and gnaw upon neath dark city bushes.

            songs git forgotten
birds outlast songs--
            feathers outlast birds

            how my brothers growl
amongst the bone yard of dog days

and strangers slamming doors

in the dark hallway at three a.m



Heavy rains sultry upon-- whilst
Indian summer  rusts and needs a shuckin

and the skull can be a tin roof and the hair a bunch O

Outside--the nautical maneuvers of clouds---

When the night clears and the stars shine a sheathing sparkle
I know there is no outer space.  Only
the grotesque collisions of inner space.

and then i'm watchin a ghost taking a piss in tha river.
crickets loud turn my blood into powder--

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Folklore, Education And The Stasis/Dissipations Of Societies plus a poem in rough draft

Rough draftings of an essay to be expanded---Plus the draft of a poem based on a bit of  Maryland Folklore.

Folklore, Education And The Stasis/Dissipations Of Societies.

The appeal of folklore and regionalism.  That is the old education.  Of the land and that is also the history--The education of the history of the land.  The pertinent educational lyricism of locality.  Locality is where anyone is.

There are intense subtleties and nuances when stating the obvious.  Dangerous even.

I grew up in North Georgia.  The old folkloric Appalachian traditions mostly died out and still dying out in the applications of everyday life to this day.  I was not the better for it.

There is an unsettling abstraction beneath folklore(s).  A haunted truth not spelled out entirely. Eternal proverbs.  Stories---storied

There are things speaking in the woods.  There are things speaking in vacant city lots.  There are things speaking in the old railroad beds.  There are things speaking in the library. There are things in forgotten small towns ---crossroads that ge drunk on morning fog. Sentient things.

I am speaking about the struggle to hold onto a persistence of awareness that grasps a wholeness.  Elusively elusive.

What are the stories any where telling?  Let us denounce a society that denounces mystery.

The Ghost of Peddler's Run

tha ghost is a lantern down that lonely road

tha man ghost hauls something around down upon
that lonesome road--

whole histories happened down thar
and were forgotten

like how cold a winter can beat
till yer bones are bruised

or the Klutzy toothing of lover's gone

shadows are memorized into shadows

and blood bled wet dew on the grass
whilst the moon was almost full

A headless body
wasz found by
Mary Pickett's woods

found by the creek burble

they buried tha body
without tha head

could not find that fucking

body got buried neath a giant rock

buncha strangers

3 crows cawed 6 times that

that day like a tombstone
where acid rain
devoured marble

 Ghost of fat
rain always gits

will eat you

tha how of that matter
--don't matter-- or give a damn
your dead will get dead

everything wasz written
down so it could die.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Painted drawings Late May-June 2014 Part ONE

Late May-June 2014 Drawn Paintings Part ONE

 Drawings from Late May thru June 2014.  Some of these are collaborations with Jenny Moon Tucker and/or Francis Zander.   Oil Pastel, Oil Paint, Acrylic, Pen.   Larger works were collaborated on during this time period also.  In the soon future I will post these (and in general larger works besides these drawings also).  Most may or may not be untitled.  If you have questions or are interested, have questions or are interested in acquiring something please holler.  Mythos Collective converges with the personal.  The Formless and the form.  Energy Dormant.  Energy Active.

                                    M Pony with Jenny Moon Tucker

                                             M Pony With Jenny Moon Tucker

                                                                  M Pony

                                                                    M Pony

                                                                M Pony

                                                              M Pony

                                                                M Pony

                                      M Pony/Francis Zander/Jenny Moon Tucker

                                                                        M Pony

                                                               M Pony/Jenny Moon Tucker