Thursday, February 4, 2016

Through These Landscapes

Through These Landscapes

Everything is moving, even in stillness-
The landscape, the entities, the bodies
               Flight action Kinetic
The simple horizon with vast sky
               Moon, sun---the in-betweens
Chasms between longitude and latitude
               The simple horizon encompasses all
The living in the after lives
               This is where one will always be---upon the landscape.
And the sun and the moon are not myth and some times sun and moon lay upon each other
In deaths…..copulations\
Looking  upon through.  The glass veil.  THrough the glass veil one can look to many outsides.

The violence of birds angels and ghosts with wings whom losing feathers
               Feathers that burst into flames in the crackling air
               You see---Memory always twines through, sky, landscape.
                              The visual is felt inside somewhere inside the interior of biology, nervous system wirings and the architecture of bones……
This is where soul and ghost become
One each other—Ghost duels soul
Soul duels ghost—

    Spectral awaits human. Human awaits spectral.
where the angelic swim the light
    where the demonic swim the light
where the purity of the impure impervious angelic demonic ghosts with wings swim the light

    where Jacob’s ladder is abstracted distortions juxtaposed upon various reversals of itself within the dalliance and refractions of various light spectrums
               Where birds swarm the light
Where spirits swarm the light
Where birds and spirits tear
At the light
Upon the light
    Upon the color spectrums---where the statues move about
inside the blasting vibrancy of the wilderness (es)
               A liberation from banal, the collective body mind banal-the singular banal dread body—
The biological banal—escape from the banalities and demands from the multitude of fascist banal created paradigms—derelict---that cork and curdle humanness.
Those malevolent spiritus making    dumb     Those that rule the world with the wrong basics

Let the color spectrum archaeology bestow
    Let the unknown be called forth from ethereal froth

There are no accidental divinations.
               Visions after Liberation—to show the unseen X-Ray of things—Kinetic X Rays—the mystical blood saturating the soul (s)//the Ghost (s)
               The depiction that is nature---and that is beyond nature—and that is the supernatural—and that is God—below the dismal bottom of doubt—there is God –beyond God—and the kinetic energy of such things crackles in the wild wind currents lacing Vast Sky.

NO Symbolic Rigour—

Many different strangers
Will see a multitude of various images in……these works…….
               One will see the dead.  The before born.   The Living and those things that are almost forever.—
One will see the memories of others.   The dissolving of the singular till
one finds the tilting emergence of the singular--

Distortion---is the oracle of clarities.
                                               Alchemy which through mystery defeats THE WHEEL OF FATES FORTUNES

The holiness of birds angels demons in violence ecstasies
                   The devouring of any meditation no matter how brief or enduring duration.
                                   These depictions are places where one can walk about the field.

The interiors of the outside landscapes

** QUoTe unquoTe artist statement to accompany an art showing at XS on Charles Street beginning Feb. 11..  Five total paintings in all.  All for sale.  Three of the five are shown at page top.