Saturday, March 31, 2012

Morbid....morose....exercises in despondency. Often certain recurring motifs start occuring in my drawings and paintings. Specifically the drawings. These images for the first two months became a grotesque reminder of despairing. One day this sub paradigm shifted when I was illuminated these were all cathartic exercises in exorcisms.

A series of skull depictions A.K.A. the death's head and the death mask--- symbolic non linear exploration of various death experiences at the conjuctures//crossroads of blending melding cacophonious (serene) realities. Yes some of these are comical, mostly in facial expressions. Straightforwardly this series is an exercise in anatomical form and the possibilities of the expressionistic.

These series explores the true physical deaths of friends over the years as well as symbolic/metaphorical and metaphysical deaths experienced in the banal day to day accumulative disorders and disalignments of daily life.

The recurring skull image through each piece transcends the dull blackness of my own life wretching/retching towards archetype ambiguities.

The skulls also have dialogue with burial ground artwork. Many an old graveyard will have death heads on tombstones especially if the grave predates the civil war.

The photos are not of the best quality and angle yet. I promise to repost this and much more visual works in the coming weeks.

If interested these works can be acquired.