Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Listen between the apparitions betweens two horses (2 poems and 2 drawings)

Lookin out upon the open pasture

Lacquered shine of yer

          I leT ghosT dogs out
To chase childhoods

    Because you know
HistorY is epilepsY in suspension

Please put the skin
        Back upon
          Quivering red meat
Please slide meat
                   Backs upon bones

Black drink

Rustles the after
we go deer lightly
Sunlight icicles drip drop
orange morn sun

Sadness of shapes ruling rubbish

Whose turn to burrow in the hollow with
Groundhog neath a dying oak tree?

Over the country side

    Deliverance was not there.

We drink fiery waking blacking.

We drink the black drink.