Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Notes on Art taken from Minneapolis, MN sojourn

Francis Zander (A.K.A. Mississippi Blood) hard at work painting in his Minneapolis basement.  Francis Jenny and I took many a long night in the limestone basement doing art together and separately together.

Breaking up forms to understand them or misunderstand them.  What does one do when one experiences experience as broken

Returning language to landscape and mystery.  The place where words were not words.  The place where words did not have to be the enemy and be words.

Nature is mystery.  Nature can be un natural.  Humanity has created new natures of various sometimes dubious quality.

All forms are the forms of the formless.  Foam becomes bone

Emotional depictions/not necessarily release.

What is emotional depiction?

The conscious and the unconscious engage in the spectrum of conflicts.  The conscious and unconscious engage in combat and matrimony.  Both are cannibals.

My own totemic

I cannot on purpose create a so-called “new.”  I must pursue the paths that are occurring.  I am occurring.  The viewer is occurring.  You are occurring.

Study the myths put shrapnel in them.  Do not be satiated with just Greek Myth.  Embrace localism. The local source of myth.  Your region’s folklore.  The old native stories.

Reuse--go through dumpsters---Reclaim, for instance payroll register computer printouts that have been thrown out.  Go find the frames inexplicably thrown in the recycle dumpster.
Always a metaphysical delusion.  YOU WE I have always done nothing and I am plagued by demons?    Demons with good intentions?

Does one resuscitate or receive visions anymore?  All the time?

Why the impulse to destroy art and creations.  This is not even a question.  The statement shall be continued to be made.

Define rhetorical    !    ?

Demonstrate Memory.

Representational and Non representational
The same sometime     The linear lost in the non-linear
        The non linear crossing the paved road

All the arts are inherently active sustaining humanity.

Listen to Rothko’s warning---
That is “………….the constant repetition of false hood is more convincing then the demonstration of truth.”

A picture is a reality.  A picture made is a reality.

Dialogue with nature.

The visual of voices

Creation alternates with the fog or oblivion

The dimensions of existence and experience depicted

Each individual artist must grapple with particular peculiar questions and problems.

The openness of the real.

Monet understood violence.  Stand very far back from his work and one will see.

Take many options amongst many

Where personal and historical fate meet.

Intention vs. passive

Depiction is the opening of open

A gesture and process is also depiction

Messages not translatable into words.

Mysticism of the line and contour

Mystery and meaning will not resolved

Do not sink the ship with the anchor.  Sink the ship with the anchor.

How does the animal make visual.

The Following Art work was created during this two week period by Francis Zander, Jenny Moon Tucker and Matthew Pony Payroll Bones.   Many of these are solo works, whilst a few are collaborations.  In all honesty even individual work was in a sense collaborative work as energy galloped amongst us.

A new Pony Payroll Bones/ Mississippi album was also recorded during this time also featuring Jenny Moon Tucker.  What started out as the Oak Ridge Boys Blues/ Oak Ridge Boys Love child got darkly weirder into darkness as songs and writing kept commencing.  Had a weird experience when singing about the devil.  More on this release later. As of the moment I am still deep in travelings.