Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Landscape Painting

On Landscape Painting

My work concerns opening a field. This is the kinetic action of opening mystery. The mysterious flows through the creation act of opening fields. Certain fixed shapes are manifested/maneuvered first. A horizon is staked. You experience the Earth and sky. Empty spaces are saturated by a dominant unifying shade---usually a shade of white (eggshell/gray/). Fixed elements are kinetically affected by the deluge of commonality.

Ground colors Earth colors brown shit brown black earth dirt -- wheeling spectrum of greens. The sun and moon are the same. The simultaneous---

Various conjectures---Movements. Occurrences. Upheavals. Upheavals breathing in out winds/Heaving spirits---

The landscape is Epic. The cacophonous movement revealing what is there and not there.

The viewer is the pilgrim who wanders in. The sky is vastly large. Fastidious vastness relentless continuity--blessing and suffering.

Birds manifest. Birds may become the act of warfare.

Everything is between forms. Shifting. Shattering. Splotching. Scratching. Blurring. Vibrating in the violence of colors. The land is epic and is screaming an epic silence. The moon becomes a shroud. A face peers out.

Revelations. A story unfolds and folds in. Everything is absolutely between forms.