Thursday, April 17, 2014

Excerpts From the Lost Book of The Lost April 2014

I have been on hiatus.  Animal ghost(s) send one forth and offer some protection even if one has been struck with crooked maleovoent mis guidance.



The text is lost because it is lost.  The words are lost because they are text.  Image is the visceral evisceration of the text.

                           "ThE Lost booK is a PLace To maKe miStaKes/ALL Text is useless"

                     "The text is only a place that has forgotten text/The angeL without a mouth that is                                                             always learning the somethang"

                                                                   "bLue featheR winD"


                                                    "ShipwRecK foRth EffacEmenT"

                                                                   "WaShinG oF SpiRiTs"

**Lately, I have returned to manifesting larger works, specifically on glass and even on canvas.  Hope to git some of those up soon.  Music wise I have a split with Jenny Moon that Mr. Rick Weaver is putting out in the near future.  My side is titled SEE ROCK CITY BURN.  12 string instrumentals, a turn of the late 19th century protest song sung by workers, original blues, harmonica train (after Deford Bailey) animal bone percussive instrumental and Plenty oF Music Box shenanigans. 
       New music project involving Rosemary Krust.  First tape is all reed instruments--various harmonica keys, accordion and reed organ all recorded in the coal chamber of the haunted hippie house.  One of the new New Twilight Memories releases is now going to be a double LP.

WAS A brutal winter in a frozen slough of despond.  I hope to make good like a Pilgrim's progress.