Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pony Payrolllll Bones Travel Speculations upon Art Winter 2012

What is lost is found is lost

Blustering of movement

Pure action is multiplicity of forms

A depiction the act is process --Is all action depiction
And/or coded violence.

The fatal fallacy of our time is the heat seeking of scalding and freezing violence (s).

How removed or close is the composition.

“Because people tend to be offended by facts or what used to be called truth.”
---Francis Bacon

Direct truth or indirect truth?   You are in the briars.

Levitate out of the briars.

Mondrian’s Sunflowers.

How to handle flesh of the water.
How to handle flesh.

The conventions of painting--upsetting the conventions of painting---such a boring revolution----Painting ---Image making--converses on--and is also boring.

One is a failure because one continues to paint and draw

One can easily forget the personal reasons for the creative processes.

What are the conventions? Describe them?  List them?  --Listless-------

Your family holds potential probability that will express hatreds due to your
Creative endeavors

Futile past times futile passion times---recovering from the passivity decay of time.

Advanced technology aims to gentrify art and remove humanity from such direct touch with magical transformative processes.  This is done by new social normals and is often only suggestive.

The human shall make MESSY art with often badly executed calculations for results.

Every idea is beside the point.

To weather and to have weariness of patience embodied as pestilence/indolence.

Everyone has different nervous systems.

One can not be aware of all cross cultural currents seeding and seething the artistic process.

Art has no separation with the common and sacred.

One has absolute dialogues with ghosts through the art process and creation.

One is transformed into the image (s) one is making//occurring

Excursion into discovery

The creative act equates to sustenance and ritual (s).

Art attempts to lure the viewer out of the material demands of physical existence.

Obliteration of agreeable features and details.

Alchemy that turns one dimensional surface into bottomless depths.


The art process is the obliteration to rebirth.  Where does birth leave one situated?  Where does the sense of obliteration leave one?

A/Lone by probability

The dark investigation of comedy brings light.

The images that form beneath the eyes, yet before the brain.

The soul ghost has taken time to sculpt aspects of the brain meat.

Picasso’s paintings of dead cocks, those roosters!

Arshile Gorky MEANT IT with the composition “The Limit.”  He died the following year.

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg paintings suggest the tacky and are tacky.  One may or may not be left with absolute dullness.

Who are your contemporaries?

Paint from a photograph, then make the image your memory, then paint/scratch/scrawl your image into manifestation.

Sometimes when I sleep I dredge through briars down to the river and swim those dark currents.  Sometimes the morning arises.

A singular painting and/or drawing will resonate emotionally more in depth then the cleverness of a so-called mixed media composition/installation.  This statement being from the subjective experience of my flesh existence.

There is an incomplete unfinished subway station beneath the Philadelphia museum of art.

A serious night of drinking may or may not help one with creation.

Lackluster senses and of purpose seem to carousel and see saw.

Affirming gestures/that is what creation/art is?

“We only have this single gesture to begin”--Cesare Pavese from the poem “Imagination’s End.”

These are writings dating from December 2012-January 10, 2013.  Composed in various locations from Minnesota, Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania.