Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poem (s) Spoken. Duskhouse Poem Recitations

Poem (s) Spoken. Duskhouse Poem Recitations

Last night I recorded myself reciting portions of the work in progress Duskhouse to Duskhouse.  What manifested was a volatile poetry.  The poems eagerly proclaimed volatility against the fixed nature superficially apparent on the typed page. Although I feel this is obvious, the written word will always deceive us thoroughly if a writing is not read out loud.

 The act of recitation manifests the written word into the flesh of physical reality.  The writing becomes true dialogue as the language within seeks relationships with the world. 

Word emphasis revealed itself  seemingly spontaneous.  Intuition is only knowledge, secret, in athletic occult practice, that is in physical action. 

Enunciation is a peculiarity. Silence is only rhythm in slow motion.  The intensity of the tempo depends on the presence and/or non presence  specific to content extremities.

Obscenity would slip in solely for adding exclamation and clarity to the book’s ugly jagged and shattered/shattering fragmentation of narratives.  Bad comedy and the specter of redneck jabber drooled in attempts at direct coarseness.  You got to bring tha hammer down to miss the nail and bust the thumb.

Some lines in some poems revolted into supernatural repetition.   The musicality of language came forth.  Certain lyrical lines goT possession by the blues.

I became different characters, depending upon the poem.  Do not take this as  any simple use of Persona. This is a multiplicity of drifters converging.  Adamantly, I  strongly suggest some poems are documentation and evidence of ghost/spirit possession.

“:Anyone could be possessed:” 
(Andy Young from Vodou Headwashing Ceremony)

Recitation also led to illumination concerning the work’s content.  Duskhouse to Duskhouse is revealing eccentric repetitions concerning specific images/motifs/thematic.   Pick up trucks seem to be an obsessive occurrence.  Chickens also keep on clucking their clout (ness).

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