Friday, August 22, 2014

Two Summer Poems

Two Drafts of Summer Poems

Dog days Whining

Coldy summer sweat--

crimson curtain billows==

and if the air shattered
and the glass was not replaced--

Bones outlast the meat

ask the chicken bones the rats drag off
and gnaw upon neath dark city bushes.

            songs git forgotten
birds outlast songs--
            feathers outlast birds

            how my brothers growl
amongst the bone yard of dog days

and strangers slamming doors

in the dark hallway at three a.m



Heavy rains sultry upon-- whilst
Indian summer  rusts and needs a shuckin

and the skull can be a tin roof and the hair a bunch O

Outside--the nautical maneuvers of clouds---

When the night clears and the stars shine a sheathing sparkle
I know there is no outer space.  Only
the grotesque collisions of inner space.

and then i'm watchin a ghost taking a piss in tha river.
crickets loud turn my blood into powder--

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