Friday, May 2, 2014


                         ENERGY ACTION DISTORTION

"Energy is eternal delight;  and from the earliest times human beings have tried to imprison it in some durable hieroglyphic.  It is perhaps the first of all the subjects of art."--Kenneth Clark

Energy of Form

 Energy of Memory

Energy of the faulty Line

The re invention of objects perceived into new objects or new versions of those objects.

Energy of things distorting the thing.

Energy of thing shaking out of the thing distorting.

                                      Electronical Orange Shadow (with Jenny Moon Tucker)

                                               TWO Male/FemalE (with Jenny Moon TUckeR)

                                            PaLooKaviLLe (OnCe) FoR SteVe Von ChE

                                            CroW RaVeN In SPrinG StoRm ThunDeR

                                               CRoWRaveN FlIes tha dusKy red MorNdusK

                                                   TricKsteR in bLue skY splashed with blooD

                                                               CroW in de mornin

                                                           Crow in de Mornin readY ta HunT

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