Saturday, April 29, 2017

BIRDS birds

REvivaLs of REvisitations:  Birds

Some of these images below have been posted before.  Yet this is a re visitation and a new draw of the deck.  Resuscitations........

The ultimate goal is to post a majority of the overwhelming drawn paintings archive.  "Birds"  the obsession and depiction of birds makes a definite percentage.  This series as well as the others such as the "HORSE" series and the "EROTIC/body distortion" will gather their expansion...

What is going on here.  ?  What and where is the meaning?  Is myth folklore and mythos involved?  Are the birds symbolic or allegorical?  These works seek metaphysical and spiritual accuracy...not the technical gauzing of the everyday worlds.  These are birds in the blurring of kinetics.  These are divine messengers.  which way on the merry go round compass will each go?

Notes.  More strayed notes typed at this Saturday's breakage of dawn.

Why Birds?  messengers from and between the divine and human.  From the human to the divine.

The true lords of the sky.  The true lords of the Earth.  Swift movements.weathers.  Omens Portents.

The act of flying is fluency.

Those that ferry the spirits. Those that ferry the dead.  Those that spy on the wind.  Those that swim the wind.  

Those that cannot hold with talons.  Birds cannot hold talons upon any ghost.  A ghost is all slippage.

Those ancient dinosaurs that are still around...round and up and down dusk to dawns.

The egg.  The conceptual egg.  The egg laid outside the body.


All works are for sale and are solely by Pony Payroll Bones unless otherwise noted.  The works have titles and will eventually meander their way here.  For size and exact materials utilized on a specific composition and/or for prices please feel free to contact.

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