Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Birds: Portents wraiths DiVine messengers

Avian Veils

Slower and slower
    spews circling avian wings
a blueness pulsation dusk forever

this be all a veil

Heaven is just a furnace for ghosts.

With my terminal death sentence
    set in statue stone
I confess

        :  He began public education
inside a trapazoid building without windows.

Through crime I learned real hard
    through crime I learned abut trees and birds

Through eternal trespass I learned

Mother Father You

                                                               Bird on a branch

                                                                   Seagull diving

                                                     Rooster in the blueness night

                                                      Black bird in tha Pink Dusk

                                                      Barn Owl Blood REd Dusk

                                                                    Barn Owl

                                                         Blue bird X rayed blueness

                                                           dark blue bird in ritual throe

Vision of the angel bird snared in divine fishing net

Birds are the messengers between this reality and the spiritual realm.  They can reveal illumination or veiled mysteries, even curses.

The works above consist of new work and older work.  A pieces are on 9x12 paper.  Oil pastels, oil paint, pen ink.  All works for sale.  Please contact for prices.

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