Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day of writing/Day of sifting: Two New Poems Two Old POems

A day of writing.  A day to write of the beast of systems of the North EasT.  Below are two new poems from the past week.  Evidence of Living will end up in some form in Mason Dixon Line Blues (in the works).  What One Has Seen pulls from some old material from 2007 and is part of another new manuscript OLd Spirits COmmoTion.  Vanishing and Circumference Circumvent are from the year 2007.  Capitalization and punctuation are kept haphazard to keep true the spirit of their moments.

 Writing is not just about writing.  One is confronted with the evidence of the past whilst feeling the intuitions of the future indeterminate, which means hazy uncertain collides violently with the notions of fate (including the ballistic beastly gray fur doubt.)  I am also piecing together slowly the book version of my continuing country music articles PonY BoNes Talking CountrY MusiCs.  All the various works seem to dialogue with each other.  Maybe none of these will every be finished.  Nothing can truly be finished.  

For comedic relief, I have included the photo below taken by Mr. Martin on the July 4th, 2013.  RIght between my legs is a sinkhole.  I am drinking tequilla.

                                                      photo by Bryan Keith Martin on July 4th

What One Has SeeN (from Old Spirits Commotion)


rolling upon bodies
tied and mumbling perpetual
tide passage

childhood fragment sky

my body is not even real.

Evidences of lives (from Mason Dixon LInes Blues ((draft 2)) )

Bees are swarming a nest inside
    The cadaverous porch column

Carpenter bees

    He goes out shirt less

The bees carpenter a tunnel into his
    belly button

        This is okay
When he is living he dreams the living of nostalgia
    When he dies a death he serves the after lifes of nostalgias

Cliffs Sharpening
like the belly of a shark
Bells Clashing like a pendulum
striking hot steel
BeLLs slashing like knives
within the circus
that performs within hazy gambling den

Night delving away
Moon delving
Day ready funeral

chimney in the lone field
holds up ravenous bright bloody

road vanishing
to wilderness
and the call of birds

gate keepers
to silence

Circumference circumvent  (2007)

When Morning was perpetual
A fixed circumference

No slow moving
Turgid wagon wheel

Rolling upon bodies
tied and mumbling
on a dirt road

Storm marched in and out
A vast Armada

Storm perpetual
tide rolling sackcloth
Storm a tollbridge
obscuring passage

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