Monday, August 5, 2013



Part Two of recent collaborations with Jenny Moon Tucker.  These are the last visual creative works manifested during the stint of living within the quadrants of West Philadelphia.  True collaborations, each of us would often simultaneously initiate two or three drawn paintings with quick spontaneous succession.  Deliberation only deliberation is the accident.  Some of these have the quality of channeling, that is manifesting images which seemingly come from beyond the self.  What I find intriguing by this second set is the submerged continuity of images strongly suggestive of myth and folktales that Jenny Moon Tucker kept manifesting.  I have also included the reverses of some works for they are just as interesting---as pulsing living X-Ray Mirrors.

These drawn paintings are works that stand on their own as well as collectively jigsawing into the mysterious holistic.  These are gestures of energy and movement, preliminary as well as coda.  All works seen below are collaborations with Jenny Moon Tucker.  All works are available to any whom may be interested.  Feel free to contact.

                                                  Woman leans upon dark tree during full moon

                                         Mining silver in the echo of the abyss

                                      Reverse of Mining Silver in the Echo of the Abyss

                                         ORANGE CAT aT PLaY

                                              Reverse of Orange cat at Play

                                            Horse through Red Blood Rain Notatational blues

                                           Reverse of Horse through Red Blood rain Notational BLuEs

                                                  Cronus Grotesque

                                                    Reverse of Cronos Grotesque

                                                          Woman at Slaughter

                                                Lost Page from the Lost Book of Lostness

                                       Reverse of Lost Page from the Lost book of Lostness

                                                     Screeching Bird

                                                             Chief and feathers swallow Oblivion

                                                    Bird Woman Shapeshifter

                                             Reverse of Bird Woman Shape Shifter

                                                           Woman in dissolvements

                                               Reverse of Woman in dissolvements

                                      Vision of the mother daughter mother daughter

                                         Reverse of Vision of mother daughter mother daughter

                                                   Undeciphered Notation blues


                                     Reverse of Cataclysm

                                         Creature Bestial

                                                      Woman Sisyphus

                The Devil as dragon absconds from the tyranny of violence attempted by SainT George

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